Who We Help

At the Mosaic Group, our top priority is helping people.

We do that by providing our highly specialized skills to organizations all over the United States, on both coasts and many points in between.  We work with many organizations that tackle the most challenging issues in their communities.  

Among the groups with whom we consult are health and human service organizations, philanthropic foundations, universities, community organizations, and government agencies. We especially help those who work in medically underserved neighborhoods, hospitals and other health care providers that are developing new programs, and foundations that are launching high-impact initiatives to respond to critical community health problems. 

We are valuable to these organizations because we share their passion for purpose-driven work and for finding new approaches to solving problems.  Beyond health care organizations we are adept at working for and in collaboration with leaders across the sectors in a collective impact model to advance population health improvement. 

We help those groups who share our vision and passion for a better, healthier future for all.