What We Do

Our first and last goal is to help you positively impact your community. 

We do this by providing customized, out-of-the-box solutions that reflect our extensive experience in public health and our unique approach. We work across sectors and we are passionate believers in the collective impact model.  In our view, health is about much more than the individual.  It is about where they live, how they live, and their access to resources.  Many social determinants impact the health status of individuals and communities.  We bring together a range of stakeholders to assess and analyze the multitude of factors that are contributing to the health status of the population. Then we deliver customized programs that respond to those factors.  


Mosaic Group Services include:

We are dedicated to:

  • Accomplishing goals with commitment and confidence
  • Sparking individual and organizational development
  • Utilizing unique solutions to craft competitive advantages
  • Strengthening communities to develop potential
  • Driving sustainable models
  • Seeing everything through implementation and beyond