Training and Technical Assistance

Mosaic Group considers well-prepared staff critical to developing sustainable programs that benefit communities. 

Our customized curricula and programs effectively train staff and key stakeholders, the very people involved in program implementation and delivery. Our experienced consultants provide extensive face-to-face training to ensure that all educational content is understood and adopted by client staff members. 

Following initial training sessions, Mosaic Group consultants provide regular and routine booster trainings to reinforce and improve practices and skills. After the training process, we provide substantial technical assistance, supporting staff members throughout the implementation process.  Our technical support is customized.  We shape the content through the use of client outcome data, staff feedback and leadership input.

  • Peer Recovery Services:  Peer recovery coaches are individuals in long-term recovery who are trained to provide SBIRT and recovery support services to those still suffering from substance abuse disorders.  The Mosaic Group uses our Maryland state certified curriculum to hire, implement and train the peer recovery coaches in a variety of settings.  For example, we currently utilize peer recovery coaches in hospitals, substance abuse treatment programs, and human service organizations to provide SBIRT services to patients who screen positive for drugs and/or alcohol.  Coaches use motivational interviewing techniques to encourage reductions in substance use or link patients to recovery support services.   We continue to work with hospitals and coaches to review outcomes, address challenges and/or barriers and ensure that the peer recovery coach SBIRT process becomes an integrated and sustainable part of care. 
  • Community Health Worker Program: At the Mosaic Group, we have substantial experience developing and implementing community health worker programs.  We develop customized curriculums and work with clients on a personal level to provide communities with services including access to health insurance, health insurance utilization, chronic disease management and lifestyle medicine.  Our top priority is ensuring communities have the knowledge and access necessary to improve quality of life and overall health status.
  • Families Strong Program: The Mosaic Group has created and developed a nine-week support group for family members and friends of people with substance use disorders. The Families Strong Program is based on the community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT) model; our program is a train-the-trainer model with an emphasis on sustainability.  We train family members to take over support groups and become leaders and facilitators.  Specific skills include self-care, social support, changing the conversation, positive reinforcement and assistance with treatment services.