Strategic Planning and Business Development

Our strategic planning model is high-level, high-impact with the goal of guiding governing boards and senior leadership through a process that leads to a market-driven, results-oriented vision and plan for the future.

Our process landscapes the field at multiple levels, examines how resources are being utilized, studies the internal operations and helps guide the organizational planning team to clearly identify a feasible set of priorities for future action. This process is designed to look at both internal and external factors that impact business success.  So as any well-run business might, we conduct a thorough SWOT analysis to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the future of the organization. 

We ultimately deliver a strategic plan that includes high-level goals, objectives and outcomes that will guide success for at least a three-year period. It's important to note that Mosaic Group plans are not written as perfunctory exercises that are never read or acted upon.  They are, instead, working documents that lay out the path for measurable outcomes and sustainable programs.

  • Environmental Scan: We begin the strategic plan process by conducting a comprehensive environmental scan that details the internal and external data relevant to an organization’s current and future direction.

    • Internal Assessment:  We work with organizations to collect a range of quantitative and qualitative data about internal processes.  This information is used to create a picture of the current organizational trends such as program/services utilizations, resource allocation and financial status.  
    • External Assessment:  We collect a large amount of data to inform key stakeholders on the status of the surrounding environment relative to the strategic process.  Effective strategic plans take into consideration the past, present and future populations that engage with the organization to ensure effective targeting and development.
  • Retreat Work: After the data is collected and analyzed, our team of experts work with staff, board members and/or key stakeholders to understand the information as it relates to the future direction of the organization.  We facilitate retreats that will bring together leaders and drive the strategic thought process forward.
  • Plan Development We then work through a process to conduct feasibility assessments strategies, develop tactics, determine financial implications and forecast and develop performance metric for plan evaluation.