Our Services


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Program Evaluation and Performance Improvement

Clients and organization stakeholders are interested in the successes and challenges of their programs. Mosaic Group fulfills this need by conducting systematic program evaluations to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of existing programs.

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Strategic Planning and Business Development

Our strategic planning model is high-level, high-impact with the goal of guiding governing boards and senior leadership through a process that leads to a market-driven, results-oriented vision, and plan for the future. 

Program Design, Development, and Implementation

After substantial qualitative and quantitative research, we individualize and customize a program model to precisely fit the needs of your community or organization.  

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Training and Technical Assistance

Mosaic Group considers well-prepared staff critical to developing sustainable programs that benefit communities.  Our customized curricula and programs effectively train staff and key stakeholders, the very people involved in program implementation and delivery. 

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Behavioral Health Integration

In order to create more comprehensive care we have worked with our clients to integrate behavioral health services into primary care settings, to maximize outcomes and support Patient Centered Medical Homes. 

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Community Health Improvement Planning

We work within a collective impact model that drives us to seek out and partner with a variety of groups, including: local hospitals, schools, community organizations and researchers.