Program Evaluation and Performance Improvement

Clients and organization stakeholders are interested in the successes and challenges of their programs.

Mosaic Group fulfills this need by conducting systematic program evaluations to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of existing programs. These evaluations include comprehensive assessments of outcomes and program costs as measured against initial targets.  At the conclusion of the process we present a set of recommendations for performance improvement.  Our suggestions carry weight because they go beyond mere opinion and are based on both quantitative and qualitative research methods.  Our overall goal is to improve delivery mechanisms, increase program impact, and verify that the program is fulfilling community needs.

  • Outcomes assessment and performance improvement: At the Mosaic Group, we understand that quality improvement begins with an understanding of data.  We work with clients to understand results, standards and measurements that will help to inform the performance management process.  The Mosaic Group collects and thoroughly analyzes data to identify patterns and highlight strengths, weakness or potential barriers.  We continue to work with clients throughout the improvement process to monitor outcomes and effectively communicate implications.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the client sees measurable and sustainable performance improvement.

  • Program Evaluation: At the Mosaic Group, we understand the importance of the program evaluation process.  We begin by engaging stakeholders to describe the program, both those who are involved in operations and those who are served by, or use, the program to be evaluated.  When applicable, we will develop a program theory or logic model to outline how the program should achieve outcomes.  From this foundation, we will assess the impact and effectiveness of the program through collected data and evidence.  These critical steps will result in a comprehensive program evaluation that we disseminate to all stakeholders.