How We Do It

Our tailored, individualized approach connects our focused insight of the companies and markets with a personal partnership at all levels of the client organization.

This allows our clients to maintain a competitive advantage, grow organizational capability, and assure lasting outcomes.

We change industry and society.

We accomplish this using advanced techniques and methods:

  • Analytics, Statistics, and Modeling
  • Policy Research and Data Analysis
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Technical Assistance
  • Program Evaluation

We strive to effect change for our clients and the greater good.

Expertise and Impact

The Mosaic Group was founded in 2004 to help organizations at the corporate, nonprofit, public and community levels to review their missions, redefine their functions, and use successful strategies for success.

  • We provide unique insight into the workings of your organization.
  • We construct a comprehensive plan and program for you.
  • We help you put the pieces together.

The Mosaic Group works with clients to determine their distinctive needs, which are assessed from various vantage points. Mosaic is unique in this regard: We create an individualized solution that fits your mission.