Behavioral Health Integration

As federal mandates now dictate the integration of somatic and behavioral health, it becomes increasingly important for organizations to deliver care that considers and treats both.

In order to create more comprehensive care we have worked with our clients to integrate behavioral health services into primary care settings, to maximize outcomes and support Patient Centered Medical Homes. We have also worked to integrate behavioral health services in acute care settings, with the goal to address the critical impact of behavioral health conditions on readmission reductions and overall cost of care. 

The aim is always to provide the patient a wider, more easily accessible breadth of services across the continuum of care, and also to recognize how behavioral health and physical health are interdependent.  We examine the staffing model and other organizational factors unique to the health care setting to bring evidenced-based programs, such as SBIRT and best practice models of integration to the organization in a customized way that is effective and sustainable. 

Click here to learn more  about The Mosaic Group's Adolescent SBIRT Implementation Checklist.

Click here to learn more about The Mosaic Group's Adolescent SBIRT Implementation Checklist.

  • Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT): The Mosaic Group is nationally recognized for our ability to implement and fully integrate the SBIRT process into healthcare settings.  We work hands-on with all levels of an organizations to develop a customized workflow that will ensure SBIRT becomes a routine and sustainable part of care. 
  • Integration of behavioral health in healthcare settings: We have expertise in helping organizations develop customized models of care that effectively integrates behavioral health services. Our experts will work with organizations to ensure organizations are using appropriate integrated health delivery approaches and staff members are trained in specific behavioral health related best practices. Whether it is a partnership relationship, co-location or new integrated team model of care, Mosaic Group works with the organization to design a care delivery system that supports comprehensive service delivery to maximize patient outcomes.
  • Medication assisted treatment: The Mosaic Group has substantial experience in medication assisted treatment programs, including having led the design and implementation of the nationally recognized Baltimore Buprenorphine Initiative.  We help clients develop and strengthen programs targeting the specific needs of their communities by ensuring the medication becomes fully integrated into scope of services for patients with substance use disorders. We have experience with all types of opiate medication including Suboxone, Methadone and Vivitrol.